Stone of Remembrance

August 11, 2009

About Stone of Remembrance

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In my first novel The Dark Wing, two zor characters visit a site on a world where a disk of stone marks the place where their ancestors first landed. The ecology of the planet is aggressive, but they’ve decided to stay. se’e Mar de’Sen, the clan-leader says: Here I stand. No matter what happens, they’ll not give up their hold on the planet they’ve chosen to settle.

In some ways this is what I want to do with this instrument: tell you where I stand, and what I’ve decided to hold on to. There are things I think about and things I believe, things I like and dislike; some of them come out in my writing – and some haven’t done so quite yet.

It also allows you, as a passer-by or as a reader of my writing, to respond to my thoughts or make comments on my work. You are cordially invited to do so. I will provide content that I think you will find interesting.

se’e Mar de’Sen. Here I stand.

Walter H. Hunt
April 2006

Note: In August 2009 this blog has been moved to Wordpress, for convenience.

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