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September 8, 2009

The Creation Museum: John Scalzi On Tour

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During the transition to the new ISP I’ve been stacking up stuff that I wanted to post here. This is a relatively old entry in John Scalzi’s blog Whatever, which is ever so much more popular than mine (which is fine: he has worked hard at it.) It has been “taunting the tauntable” for more than ten years.

It deals with a visit to the Creation Museum, a 70,000 square foot “temple to [a] load of horseshit” – namely, that the Biblical account of Creation and the Flood is literally true – to the point that dinosaurs are dragons, and their time on earth corresponds to Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty.

Not Scalzi: Too Much Head Hair

Let me say this much: I have to admit admiration for the pure balls-out, high-octane creationism that’s on offer here. Not for the Creation Museum that mamby-pamby weak sauce known as “Intelligent Design,” which tries to slip God by as some random designer, who just sort of got the ball rolling by accident. Screw that, pal: The Creation Museum’s God is hands on! He made every one of those animals from the damn mud and he did it no earlier than 4004 BC, or thereabouts. It’s all there in the book, son, all you have to do is look. Indeed, every single thing on display in the Creation Museum is either caused by or a consequence of exactly three things:

  1. The six-day creation;
  2. Adam eating from the tree of life;
  3. Noah’s flood.

Really, that’s it. That’s the Holy Trinity of explanations and rationalizations.

Scalzi would not have given the place a single penny, but conducted a fund drive to pay for the cost of tickets (about $5000 that was donated to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. He has saved a lot of us the trouble of ever giving them any of our pennies. It’s scary how many folks believe this stuff – which he rightly characterizes as “a pile of horseshit” . . . well, read it for yourself. It’s absolutely wonderfully written, as you might expect. He kicked over some hornet’s nests over it, but didn’t have any trouble responding.

Quick Update: The Scalzi took note of my fulsome praise. In turn I have added him to the blogroll. Ficlome!

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