Stone of Remembrance

March 26, 2012

Xenophon visits Nineveh, and is surprised

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Blogs, like any creative enterprise, have a certain inertia associated with them. Inertia tends to cause objects in motion to stay in motion, and objects at rest to remain at rest; I’m sure there is a more scientific definition, but this is from a strictly literary source, so it’s my metaphor and I’m sticking to it.

What I’ve not stuck to – particularly over the last year or so – is posting to this forum. I should like to think that this is due merely to the lack of time to devote to so worthy an enterprise as keeping posted the seven or so of you who might be inclined to read what I write here; alas, that is not the only reason. Inertia has played a significant role. As with anything else that, if not maintained, falls into disrepair, Stone of Remembrance has suffered from neglect. (I also think it may have been invaded by spammers, but I’ll be attending to that, hopefully, this week. It does mean that I’m probably going to shut off the ability to register for a user name.) It has also suffered from the advent of Facebook, where I post regularly; this medium requires far less of the user than to compose blog entries. It is ephemeral, and redundant, and as much (if not more) a real-life, real time demonstration of Sturgeon’s Law as anything else you might encounter on the web. Sometimes I encounter something interesting, or funny, and post a link to it; more often I add my own largely irrelevant comment to the other irrelevant comments on something from Taste of Awesome, or someone’s cat picture, or some other damn thing that it takes me five seconds to be faux witty about.

Meanwhile the blog remains neglected as other matters press for my attention. I only have three hands, as my mother was fond of saying.

When something gets neglected in this way, and to this extent, there are only two real choices. One is to abandon it entirely. Blogs often suffer this sort of mid-life crisis; they’re not updated for a period of time and then they become no longer current. They become relics, like Assyria, when Xenophon passed through two hundred years after its fall. Don’t worry, though: storage is cheap, so these things will be around forever – or at least until people stop paying their ISP.

The other is to return to the stage with determination, and with a plan.

I’ve decided on choice 2. Starting this week, I will be posting something here every week. I’ll bring you up to date on my writing projects; on what I’ve just read (or am reading now); on my most recent contributions/links on Facebook; and my upcoming conventions. It’s not going to be Boing Boing, or Scalzi; but it will hopefully be something worth reading.

And thus will civilization be maintained. Xenophon will reach Nineveh, six months after the last post, and discover that the blog is still active.

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