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June 7, 2012

June 7 Update

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This is my weekly (insert highly amused snort here!) post to bring you up to date on my world. I hope you find it interesting, informative, and/or entertaining. It’s been an insane four weeks, but they’ve been very productive. I traveled to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and am back home with lots of catching up to do.

Writing Projects

1632 Novel

I am particularly occupied with a novel set in the 1632 Universe, for Baen Books. This is under contract and will likely be a 2013 release. It is set in 1636, and takes place mostly in the New World; this is a venue hitherto scarcely touched in the milieu, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with Eric Flint on this novel. Update: I am working on updates and changes suggested by Eric, and will have more to say in a few weeks.

Elements of Mind

Two plus years ago I wrote a novel at lightning speed, set in the middle 19th century and dealing with the great pseudoscience, mesmerism. This novel has been well received by those reading it (or hearing excerpts at conventions). It is in an editor’s hands, and I hope to have good news on the subject in the next few months. (I expect some news very shortly.)


A Song In Stone is available in e-book form from Adams Media.

You can get it from, or from the Apple iBookstore.

My Dark Wing series will be appearing in e-book form in the Baen library later this year. Contracts for this effort have been signed; I will provide links when the e-books are available. No new news this week.

King and Country

The alternate-history novel (some of you may know it as the “Ben Franklin” novel) is on hold until the 1632 book is out the door. I want to get back to it later this year.

Other Writing

I contributed a short piece to Ring of Fire III, a collection of stories set in the 1632 universe. It’s only my second published short story. Torg say, short fiction HARD.

My most recent article in TROWEL Magazine is about the ”Proceedings”. My next article in the fall will be about Grand Master John T. Heard.

Other Projects

Rails of New England was published last spring by Rio Grande Games and is getting good reviews from strategy gamers. Be sure to get the revised rules.

I was at Origins at the end of May, working for Rio Grande. I believe we made a few converts. There are revised rules available on Boardgamegeek.

Current Reading

This week’s reading material is Robert Wuthnow’s Red State Religion: Faith and Politics in America’s Heartland, an account of political movements in Kansas. I’ve also recently read Edmund Stump’s book on the mountains of Antarctica (yes, you Lovecraft fans, they actually exist!), The Roof at the Bottom of the World, which has some terrific photographs.

I’m getting lots of book recommendations by listening to The John Batchelor Show, mostly as a podcast. John is conservative, but extremely literate and articulate. He’s seemingly the anti-O’Reilly: He has informed guests on his show, asks good questions, and lets them talk. He’s not Hannity or Limbaugh by a long stretch.

Facebook Updates

May 9: Here’s a bit of astronomical perspective.

May 9: My Uncle Albert Bell passed away and was laid to rest on the following Saturday. I joined cousins and friends in spreading his ashes at the longitude and latitude where we spread his wife’s ashes fifteen years earlier.

May 9: An interesting article on handedness, and the biology that brings it about.

May 9: A picture of a previous amendment to the North Carolina constitution. Oops.

May 9: An infuriating article on veteran charities.

May 10: A quote from Archbishop Tutu. Some interesting commentary on my wall about his possibly anti-Semitic attitudes; I’m not completely convinced.

May 11: An article about a sports team that won its championship because its opponent had a girl on its team. Absurd. Also linked to this article on May 23.

May 11: An interesting article on U.S. states that never were.

May 12: Thebacon. Bacon, The.

May 13: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Still miss you.

May 13: The Nine Circles of Hell, done in Legos. Too much free time.

May 19: Spooky Van Gogh retouch. Also this one.

May 19: Masonic Heritage Family Day at Sturbridge. An excellent event I was glad to be a part of.

May 22: The SpaceX launch. Big thumbs up for commercial space exploration. It was a stunning success. Also, goodbye to James Doohan, who has returned to star-stuff.

May 24: Are the 2012 Yankees the 1965 Yankees redux?. Could be.

May 24: Googly balls. Kids love ‘em.

May 28: My kind of superhero.

May 28: Geek horoscope. Beats the Chinese placemat.

May 29: Wise words from Darths and Droids: ‎”I could just choke *all* the incompetents *half* to death.” If you’re not already doing so, read this site. It’s hilarious.

May 29: Photo album from Natick #28 IORG Installation, with my daughter as Worthy Advisor.

May 29: Photo album from Gettysburg Tour. Here’s another gallery.

May 29: Kohl’s does what?

May 31: Richard Borg’s new Samurai Battles, which I bought because I like Commands and Colors. But the figures had teeny tiny bits that broke easily. But we finished putting them together – glad I have a clever daughter to help.

May 31: Michael Ventrella’s Balticon Album, which has some pictures of me at Eye of Argon.

June 2: An appalling story about a teacher who was suspended for insisting on standards.

June 3: Various pictures, including some from Origins.

June 5: Steampunk Trek. Great stuff.

June 6: The death of the great Ray Bradbury, at age 91. I cannot express my sadness sufficiently. But read this, which must be close to his very last work.

June 6: Why yes, it’s the Transit of Venus. Ho ho.

Upcoming Conventions and Appearances

June 30, 2012: I will be the guest speaker at Glenwood Lodge #65 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Looking forward to visiting the brethren there again.

August 30-September 3, 2012: I will be an attending author at Chicago Worldcon, the 70th Worldcon.

October 12-14, 2012: I am likely to attend Capclave in Rockville, Maryland.

We are already signed up to attend San Antonio Worldcon on Labor Day Weekend 2013, and have presupported London in 2014. We are watching bids for the 2015 Worldcon but have not supported any bid yet.

Parting Words

I continue to appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from family and friends. The loss of a long time and close friend last fall reminds me as always how slender a reed life is, and how much I feel compelled (as the Masonic lecture says) to “contribute to the common stock of knowledge and understanding.” I try to say what I mean, to convey my affection rather than withhold it, and to be truthful and honest to those I meet as well as to myself.

Thank you for reading.

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