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January 13, 2009

Walter Hunt Author Newsletter, Volume 6, Issue 1

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January, 2009

Welcome to the first issue of my mailing list newsletter for 2009, intended to provide you with information about my work, my website, and my activities and appearances.

Books Update

The Dark Wing is now in its fourth printing in paperback.

The Dark Wing is out of print from Tor Books at present.

It has also appeared in Russian language and is available at Ozon and Thanks to vorchun for passing this information on to me.

The Dark Wing is now out in Taschenbuch-Format (paperback) in Germany under the title “Die Dunkle Schwinge”, and can be ordered from

The Dark Path is now in its second printing in paperback.

The Dark Path is now out in Taschenbuch-Format (paperback) in Germany under the title “Der Dunkle Pfad”, and can be ordered from

The Dark Ascent is out in mass-market paperback.

The Dark Ascent is now out in Taschenbuch-Format (paperback) in Germany under the title “Der Dunkle Stern”, and can be ordered from

The Dark Crusade is out in mass-market paperback.

The Dark Crusade is now out in Taschenbuch-Format (paperback) in Germany under the title “Der Dunkle Kreuzzug”. It can be ordered from

A Song In Stone is out in hardcover.

A Song In Stone can be ordered from

Madness In Harmony has been postponed indefinitely. It remains on the shelf at Wizards of the Coast.

The Website has received a major facelift. In addition to reviews and a revised bookstore and reading list, there’s some new content that may interest you. Still no guest book: it got so heavily spammed that we haven’t been able to bring one back online. But please take a look at the new stuff. There’ll be more on the way.

What’s Been Happening

It’s been a busy autumn around here.

A Song In Stone

There is no more news since the November newsletter, but I have repeated the message from there. Again, I hope you will find this book worth your time and interest.

The arrival of A Song In Stone is the end of three years of waiting, and I hope you like the book. Its premise that was suggested by the guide who showed me Rosslyn Chapel. This structure, a confection of sculpture and artistry, is an unfinished part of a larger church originally built in the fifteenth century. It has fascinated historians and mystics for centuries; it is even the final location in “The DaVinci Code”. When my guide showed it to me, he pointed to a part of the interior and told me that the sculpture there was a complex, undecoded piece of music. The light went on . . . and now it’s a novel. The majority of the book is set in Middle Ages France and Spain, and (among other things) reveals the linkage between Gothic architecture and polyphonic music. I believe that it is a significant piece of writing for me, worthy of my readers.

It’s not getting much support or promotion and I don’t expect that to change. At the moment, there are no plans for the book to appear in any edition other than the hardcover (which is very attractive, but is priced as a hardcover – I can’t really do much about that.) I’m disappointed at this decision but must accept it. As always, the work must ultimately speak for itself.

As a result, I am doing all I can to promote the book by personal appearances. I have received a number of invitations from Masonic organizations to give a talk on Rosslyn and on A Song In Stone; when I appear, I have copies of the book with me to sell. Going forward, I intend to redirect some portion of receipts to Masonic charities such as the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. To my Masonic friends: if you know a Masonic body such as a Lodge of Instruction that would like to have a speaker, and would permit me to sell books, please contact me and let me know. The same goes for educational institutions such as colleges; I’m more than willing to put miles on the car.

What it means to my other readers: if I could send a copy to the many people who have taken an interest in my writing over the last several years, I would – but it’s neither practical nor profitable. If you can’t afford to buy a hardcover, or prefer not to purchase books in that format, I understand. But your local public or college library might. In the acknowledgements to A Song In Stone, I thank the reference librarians both at my public library and my college library for their generous assistance in research. In the near future I will put my research notes on the website for your edification.

Other Stuff

As reported previously I’ve been working on some short(er) material set in the King & Country alternate history timeline, as well as some touch ups to the first section of the novel, which is currently being shown to editors. The short(er) work has a good chance of appearing in print soon; more news as I have it. More information on the background on the main site.

I have written about 40,000 words of a sequel to A Song In Stone. I have read excerpts at conventions and it has been well-received so far.

My blog also shows the current top ten games in my Boardgamegeek collection; I’ve gone through the process of entering it into the Geek – it’s fairly accurate now and in excess of 600 games. We have been playing Race For The Galaxy a lot as well as Agricola and Rosenberg’s new Le Havre which is pretty cool as well.

Projects in the Dark Wing Universe

We’re still on hiatus, and my creative energies have been focused elsewhere. Still, I appreciate the mail I receive – especially when folks say, “where’s the next book?” I have to answer that it’s in the hands of Tor Books to decide, but that I’ve not abandoned it. Thank you for all of your support and input. I’ve added some of those comments – without attributions – on the main web site. Thank you all for your support.

I’m looking into the possibility of releasing a podcast version of Sword and Sun, but that project is in a preliminary stage. I’ll keep you informed of progress through the newsletter and on the blog.

Upcoming Appearances


I will be the Author Guest of Honor at Arisia in January 2009. I’m really looking forward to it. My convention schedule will be posted on the blog this week.

I will be the International Guest of Honor at Dortcon in Dortmund, Germany in March 2009. This invitation was something of a surprise, but since my books are out in German (and I speak the language), it should be a good con for me. Hope some of my German fans (which I do seem to have!) will come.

I will be in attendance at <a target="_blank" href=""Boskone) in February 2009.

I am tentatively scheduled to attend MarsCon) in Bloomington, Minnesota, in March 2009. That depends on some other scheduling issues.

We will be in attendance at Montréal Worldcon in August 2009.


I need to sell a lot of books to be able to attend the Australia Worldcon in 2010, but would really like to go. This bid will be stepping it up at regional conventions, and I expect that there’ll be some competition on planet. We’ll see.

Worldcon Bids

According to Chaz Baden’s page there are two announced bids for 2011 – Seattle, which announced some time ago, and Reno (which was announced at BayCon 2009.) We have presupported both bids.

There is only one bid announced for 2012, Chicago (as I reported on my blog several months ago.) There is a bid in the works for somewhere in Texas in 2013, but it doesn’t have a web site yet. At LA Con I recall seeing a table for a Worldcon bid for Washington, DC for 2010 or later, but can’t find any information on it.

Yahoo Mailing List

Some local fans have set up a Yahoo mailing list for my writing. As I say at public appearances – you can ask any question you like (just be prepared for me to answer as I please.) I hope you’ll join the list and be a part of an interactive discussion.

What I’m Reading

I read the Economist, a weekly news magazine. You should too.

As reported earlier, I’ve been serving on the jury for the Philip K. Dick Award, which makes me a Dick Judge. The awards will be announced by the next newsletter, and I’ll share a few of my favorites that didn’t make the final cut.

I recently read a fascinating book about the “Resurrection Men” of pre-Victorian London: Sarah Wise’s The Italian Boy. It’s a real-life account of the business of body-snatching, and deals with a period a little earlier than the beginning of the mesmerism craze in England (though figures such as John Elliotson are lurking on the edge of the story). I highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone for their continued encouragement and support. Having a chance to write professionally means I get to do what I truly love, and I hope you will always feel that your confidence in me is well-placed. Keep reading, and keep in touch.

Feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Content © 2009, Walter H. Hunt.

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