Stone of Remembrance

October 12, 2007

700th Anniversary Reprieve

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On October 13, 1307, the Knights Templar were arrested all across Europe. Over the next seven years, the prisoners were subjected to torture of all kinds, culminating in the 1314 execution of the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. He was burned at the stake, during which he proclaimed his innocence and (according to legend) called King Philip and Pope Clement to meet him within a year before the Throne of Heaven. (Both died within the year.)

Apparently all is forgiven. And for €5,900, you can even own a copy of the proceedings. The leather-bound volume contains reproductions of documents from the interrogations and trials, including exact copies of the seals. It even includes a copy of the Chinon Parchment, “lost” until 2001.

The Vatican has a long memory. It’s left as an exercise to the reader whether it matters to the victims of the Templar persecution that the principal charges have been dropped – post mortem.

Thanks to Slet for pointing this one out.

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