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January 30, 2007

Unity Games XII – Followup

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Our most successful Unity Games event ever – 312 paid attendees, at least 100 walk-ins. The charity auction raised more than $1,000; I can’t even imagine how many games were played.

There’s a Geeklist over at the ‘Geek with some comments and notes on the day.

By the way, I’ve also added the BGG sidebar widget that shows my current “top 10″.

4 February followup: the Unity Games XII Charity Auction earned more than $1,100. The silent auction replaced our prize table several events ago and has been a huge success.

Something To Say

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At the end of January, I’m finally getting a chance to take a breath. Not a deep breath, mind you, but at least a breath. I’ve been researching for the next writing project; participating in a number of Masonic activities; and gaming (Unity Games XII is just in the rear-view, and was a great time). The holidays and family have been taking up lots of time.

I have been chided meanwhile, and with some validity, about failing to post much to the blog. If it matters, you live and die by content in the b-o-sphere; if you don’t write, people don’t read, and then it doesn’t matter whether you write or not. As my friends know, I live to write: but since I write novels, it’s been an effort to direct some of that creative energy to adding stuff to this blog. Reviewing the posts of the last several months for the review entries posted in the last few days I’ve seen myself amused, angry, patriotic, intrigued . . . but I’m not sure any of it matters.

Grazing the internet it continues to be obvious that much of what is posted consists of people talking to hear themselves speak. It comes as no surprise that most of it is ephemeral, and little of it matters. I don’t babble to hear my own voice; and with the time pressure of the last few months, I haven’t had anything in particular to say.

And if you don’t write, you don’t get read. And the longer I go without writing, the more the (admittedly meager) readership doesn’t read. It’s a vicious spiral and it ends with a flatlined blog, one that is online but with no new content. I didn’t know if I could keep up; apparently I had a lot to say last year, but lost traction toward the holidays. Watching ESR, a self-proclaimed top blogger, go months without posting suggests that everyone, no matter how energetic (and Eric’s an Energizer Bunny, no doubt about it) eventually runs out of time.

I’ll try to make sure I have content. But I also hope that I have something to say when I do post here. Otherwise I’m just contributing to global warming by farting into the wind.

January 28, 2007

2006 In Review, Part 2: July-September

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I decided to split the review into parts because it got so long; it seems that most of what I posted here in 2006 was worth revisiting. This post will, therefore, continue where the first one left off. Where appropriate, I’ve provided the current or updated status of the item here. It’s still an open question whether my content has earned me any cachet in the fabulous and ever-deepening blogosphere.


January 26, 2007

Unity Games XII

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Tomorrow my daughter A. and I will be at Unity Games XII, our local one day gaming extravaganza. It will take place at the fabulous Sheraton Framingham (the “Sheraton Tara”) in Framingham, Massachusetts.

To quote the site:

In the Eastern Massachusetts area we have a loose coalition of gamers and game-groups known as Unity Games. Occasionally we hold full-day gaming events where we try to get all the area groups and gamers together along with their friends to play board and card games.

Unity Games was started in 1999, and I’m pleased to count myself as one of its founders and earliest proponents. My claim to fame, such as it is, is the invention of the term “Steering Committee”. We maintain a Yahoo group that has had almost 27,000 messages posted since its creation in the summer of 2000. Our motto is Friendship Through Gaming: it has been truly successful in that goal. A bit over six years ago three of us had a blue-sky idea about a get-together for the half dozen groups in the area: a one day event to get all of the groups together. In the intervening time we’ve grown from 40 people to over 200 at our twice-yearly events; tomorrow’s event has more than 190 preregistrations, and we expect numerous walk-ins during the day.

Unity Games is something to be proud of and to appreciate it. If you’re in the area check the calendar and look up one of our weekly groups.

January 21, 2007

2006 In Review, Part 1: April-June

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I’ve been writing blog content since Eric Raymond talked me into it last April. It should be observed that the inestimable Mr. Raymond hasn’t posted a damn thing new since last summer (just after his death threat and my reaction to some rather unpleasant treatment); real life intervenes all around – my readership has noted a significant drop off for me in the last few months, so I’m not without sin.

As promised, this post revisits some of the content presented here during 2006, starting with April, May and June. Where appropriate, I’ve provided the current or updated status of the item here. I hope to be more assiduous in my content delivery as 2007 continues.


January 10, 2007

From the Wastelands . . .

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of the Internet. Thanks to Slet for pointing me at this. The site is full of weird musings, arranged in such a way that it’s an effort to navigate around. We so value our user-interface experience here in the 21st century.


Real content soon, I prom. . . hey, look at that plastic castle!

Okay, okay. One more.


There appear to be pie charts for each issue of this, this thing, whatever it is. Some of them are lame, but many are quite funny.

Note, Oct 08: The web site appears to have vanished.

January 9, 2007

Getting Back To Business

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Note: User Friendly is my home page. I read it every day; you need a bit of geek blood in your veins to understand everything Illiad draws, and his politics are over on the left, but when he’s good he’s very good. This seemed appropriate.


I’ve been busy beyond belief since mid-December. Between Masonic commitments, holiday activity, family responsibilities, research and writing, I’ve not put anything on the blog in almost a month. (Thanks to Slet I’ve got some things to choose from.) But hey, ESR hasn’t put up a new entry since last June. Phffft.

I’m planning to do a retrospective on the items I’ve posted since I got underway in April. Hope to do that next week. There’ll be a newsletter for the mailing list sometime soon also.

I’ll be at Arisia this coming weekend and I hope to see some of you there. I have also confirmed attendance at Marscon in Minneapolis on the first weekend in March. (I was their Literary Guest of Honor last year.)

Anyway, if I’ve not managed to eliminate any interest in this blog, I’ll be talking to you soon.


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