Stone of Remembrance

August 27, 2006


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I’ve been asked by a few readers why I moderate comments to the blog, and whether I delete any posts. The answer is that I don’t delete posts – but I do filter out spamming posts. There are a lot of spamming posts. A lot. 40 a day. They mostly look like this (as seen in my siteadmin page – the URI is deleted so that it doesn’t actually appear in this entry):

Name: james | E-mail: | URI: [DELETED] | IP: | Date: August 2, 2006

fg hdfh df h

Sometimes the content is actual English, but most times not. The object appears to be the insertion of a link back to some page selling medications, penis enlargement, online gambling, or pornography. They get deleted. 40 a day.

I don’t know any easy way to make it stop, but at least I can quickly delete a pile of them when they come in.

Real content has made it to the blog; I haven’t found any comment so offensive that I’ve gotten rid of it. But feel free to keep trying. :-)


Update August 11: Akismet is working! Thanks, PS!

Update August 27: While things aren’t flooding in at 40 spams per day, I’m starting to get a new generation of spam posts – 15-20 per day – and they’re not getting Akismetted. Any suggestions?

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