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August 23, 2006

Arizona and Worldcon (2)

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Our next few days at the Wigwam were very relaxing indeed. As related in the previous post, the Wigwam Resort is an amazingly guest-friendly place; we were always greeted by name, accomodated whenever possible, and allowed to simply de-stress.

August is off-season at the resort and in Arizona in general. (Huh. Wonder why.) That helps explain how something as downmarket as a Westercon could have scored it as a site; con goers are not exactly the spa facial and 18 holes of golf customer category. Still, we found ourselves uncommonly well treated, which I find immensely gratifying: the idea was to show off the place to my wife and A., who hadn’t been able to attend Westercon with me in 2004. We all want to go back, even if it’s offseason and hotter than $#$@$$%.

Another feature of our Arizona visit was the chance to hang out for a bit with Mike Mennenga and Evo Terra, who are responsible for The Dragon Page; I had a chance to hang out during one of the VoiceMail segments. It was hilarious. I was also interviewed on the regular show. Both sessions were accompanied by selections from Stone Brewing and also some local favorites for which I have no weblink. Note on the VoiceMail segment: colorful vocabulary was extensively employed, along with references to body parts and so forth.

Evo and Mike, Wingin’ It

Arizona is full of Mexican food. Lots of it. Pretty much everywhere. My cousin’s husband, who is a longtime resident of the Southwest, has no explanation for why people in a blistering hot part of the country enjoy hot food, but who knows. Our favorite Mexican was from a place called Macayo, where you can (if you choose) drink from Señor Bob and Cha-Cha’s heads. If you want.

Drink From Their Heads

In the evening we were back at the Wigwam for another movie – Muppet Treasure Island this time. Tim Curry really is a Muppet™, I think.

Next: Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter studio.

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