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July 5, 2006

The Dark Ascent in German

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I don’t have a title yet, but Heyne/Random House Germany has offered on The Dark Ascent for a 2007 publication. It seems likely to me that they’ll buy The Dark Crusade as well.

A good piece of news on a hot day.


Cachet vs. Content

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I got started on this blog endeavor thanks to my buddy Eric Raymond, noted raconteur and internet bon vivant. The idea was to have an internet presence where I could go on about various things, work out plot ideas, comment on interesting stuff that floated to the surface, etc.

So, the idea was about gaining cachet – have people come to my site, read the blog, tell their friends, buy my books, et cetera. I don’t know how many people read it; I do know that the link count is going up, and my blogroll is increasing, which suggests a certain measure of interconnectedness. But what’s it really worth? My thoughts and ideas (as opposed to links) have some value and I stand by what I say – thus the title of the blog. Should I give it away for free, just to gain “cachet” in the blogosphere?

Star Lawrence says no.

… several sites have sprung up to spread your blog entries around – at no compensation to you, of course – and supposedly increase your cachet in the blogosphere. For this “service,” these entrepreneurs either sell ads of their own or charge users and keep the money for themselves.

Notice that the writer–the creative, the idea generator and implementer–is not exactly the centerpiece of this? . . . One such enterprise . . . invites you to “Submit Your Articles Where Tens of Thousands of Content-Hungry Ezine Publishers Feed.” Is it me, or does the verb “feed” give you the jeebs? Why am I thinking of piranhas stripping a cow?

. . . This “you will get exposure” thing is getting old.

I had a discussion at a con earlier this year with a science-fiction site that I enjoy reading and respect, and we talked about having me write a regular column – essentially in exchange for advertising. Once I got to the point of having this fine blog in place, the question arose what the copyright status of that column would be. It wasn’t about writing it: anyone who knows me knows that I have plenty of interests and plenty to say about them. It was who owned the content afterward. I sent an inquiry a few months ago and haven’t gotten a response yet. So we’ll see. I think I’d not mind if I could put the article up here sometime afterward, with an attribution link to the site where it originally appeared.

What do you think, gentle reader? Is there value to this (or any meaningful) content in Ye Not-So-Olde Blogosphere?


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