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July 2, 2006

The Lincoln Highway

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I was listening to Weekend America, an NPR news/info program, and heard a section of the “Road Trip” story about the Lincoln Highway. It was a fascinating story �?’ how it came to be, was finished, and has nearly been forgotten.

A. and I had just seen Cars, in which the “mother road” Route 66 plays a part; the Lincoln is just as interesting. The Lincoln was America’s first truly transcontinental highway; it ran from New York to San Francisco, and was intended to provide drivers with a hard-surface road supported and maintained with United States government dollars. Despite local struggles (in Ohio, Utah and elsewhere) the road was finished, though it was soon incorporated into the U.S. Highway system (replacing named roads with numbered ones.) The Lincoln survives primarily as U.S. Route 30, which runs east-west �?’ as do all even-numbered one- and two-digit highways.

For more info on how U.S. highways are organized, check the informative AASHTO site.<

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